How should I wash my extensions?

Use warm water and shampoo only at the roots. Let the rest rinse down. Condition hair and rinse in cool water. Make sure to use a super moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.


Can I color my extensions?

All our virgin hair can be colored. The rest of the collections, we recommend consulting with a stylist.


 How often should I brush my extensions?

You should brush your extensions every day! Start at the ends and work you way up. We recommend our extension brush in keeping hair smooth.



 Can I go swimming with my extensions?

We recommend not getting chlorine in the hair. However if you do, make sure you braid the hair before, and wash immediately after.



 How often do you have to get hair extensions done?

That depends on what type of hair extensions you have installed.
• I-tip and U-tip last 3-5 months • Tape last 6-8 weeks. • Sew-in lasts about 2 months.



 How many times can you re-use the hair?

Each collection of hair is different. However follow our hair care instructions and hair should be able to be worn at least 3 times.



 What products should I use?

It is MANDATORY to use a leave-in conditioning treatment on extensions. Using a serum will help eliminate frizz and keep up the luster in the hair. For shampoo and conditioner use a heavy moisturizing one.



  How should I sleep with my hair extensions?

Always put hair in a braid or low ponytail. This will prevent the hair from tangling throughout the night.



  How should I style my extensions?

You can use the same styling methods as before, just be more gentle.



 How many bundles do I need?

That depends on what collection you are using, and how thick you want your hair. Each collection will tell you the recommendation for the hair.



 : How much does the hair weigh?

Each bundle is approximately 4 OZ and 113 grams.



 : How long does the hair last?

All hair that needs to be installed, approximately 6-12 months. Clip-ins should last 2 years or longer.


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